Story Of EnzymeMama

EnzymeMama is just an ordinary mom who wants the best for her kids, just like any other parents. One day, her neighbor told her that he has been drinking a drink called enzyme which he has self-fermented. What was so fascinating about what he said was that he had grown out black hair at the back of his head. EnzymeMama’s neighbor was considered an old man to be around 60 years old. When she heard what he said she was immediately shocked, as she could really see black hair coming out at the back of his head.

Being a mom who wants the best for her kids, she asked her neighbor what is enzyme? can I or my kids drink it? Well, you should know the answer, YES! The neighbor explained to her that it is fermented fruits and it’s really healthy for the digestive system. While learning from her neighbor, EnzymeMama started making her own enzyme drink.

The first try was so exciting for her, she waited and waited. After several days, after coming back from work she smells a nice sweet fruity smell. She thought to herself, could it be the enzyme that I made? Hold and behold, the smell was really coming out of the fermented enzyme. Ever since then, she has been making and experimenting with different kinds of fruits.

Making The World A Healthier Place

With her skill and knowledge in enzyme making, it became useful on one fine day. One day her colleague was complaining to her that he had a bad digestive system, his stomach was very weak. What do you think she did? She told her colleague that she could make him some fruit enzymes which would be good for his digestive system. After consuming he was so thankful, as his digestive system had improved. EnzymeMama then thought, why not share enzyme with more people to benefit them?

Our Low Prices 

Keeping our price low, means lower earnings. However, what we really want to do is to spread the health benefits of drinking fruit enzymes. Earnings are not our main priority, but the health of others is. No other places have such a low price as compared to us. If you see any price lower than us please let us know.

Customizable [Special!]

All our enzymes are customizable, let us know which fruits you would like to choose and TADA, Your personalized healthy fruit enzyme. We want you to know that the enzymes are made specially for you and your health. Let’s be healthy together, to a healthier future!

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